Yes, we carry a limited supply of steel and non-steel material, but we order most things in after an order is placed and then fabricate the items the customer requires.  You can purchase stock items from us, but we have a limited size and quantity.  The best method is to call us and ask about an item.

Yes we perform install if the customer needs that service.  We have several crews equipped to handle a variety of projects.

We weld using MIG, TIG and stick welding.

We do not powdercoat but we work with several powdercoaters on a weekly basis for the items we fabricate.

Yes we sell to the public during our regular hours.

No.  Our shop minimum is $25.

Yes!  Please call and arrange to send the drawings and specifications to us to prepare a bid.  We are also on several of the industry bid sites like ISQFT.

We will deliver fabricated material or stock material to all bases and Ft Carson.  Please call and talk to us about projects on bases as the DoD requires significant paperwork to have our personnel install material on their facilities.  We have installed on Peterson AFB, Ft. Carson, and the US Air Force Academy in the last five years.

No.  We follow and are familiar with the AISC standards but we are not certified by AISC.

We can bid from a set of plans you send to us or we will visit the site to measure and prepare a bid that way.

Our large plasma table is 8’ x 20’ and our small plasma table is 5’ x 10’.

Our brake press has a 12 foot width and is 175 ton of pressure.  We have multiple die depending on the bend the customer requires.

Our shear is 10 foot wide and we shear up to 3/16” material.

We can work with both 2D and 3D Autocad drawings (either *.dwg or *.dxf file types).  We can also work with various BIM model formats.  Please call to confirm the correct types for conversion with our software.